By: Spafford

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One look, that’s all it took, to see the ocean heading down my way.
In an instant I broke to blink to find the thing had turned into a storm.
A neighbor stopped to ask for information just a few minutes too late.
As I try to separate myself from this confusion, lost amongst the waves

Coming on like steady crosswinds
Moving moments in slow motion
To find a place out in the chaos
That which you like best…

Pick up the pace to where I’m headed with no plans for looking back soon.
A quick conversation with fallen angels on how devil’s due has got me blue.
Sure footing long ago gave way to flash erosion, I was there to watch it burn.
But never learn. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. It’s got the tide of history locked down.

And we’re all in it for the ride.
Until it ends, hold on tight.
And if we can’t choose the destination, well we might as well drive.